Wednesday, May 13, 2015

New (additional) blog

I haven't decided quite where I want to go with this, hence the title. ABT UNK are abbreviations commonly used in family trees, for "about" (when you're not sure of a date) and "unknown" (when you're not sure of a name or location). I've maintained a Personal Ancestral File (PAF - free!) family tree for at least ten years, and recently purchased an membership, mostly to do research for my 81-year-old mother. I've also been following my friend and fellow librarian Amy's genealogy blog, We Tree. While I don't consider myself to be a geneablogger like Amy is, I do believe in preserving personal and family memories, and I really liked their idea of an Advent Calendar of Christmas Memories and have decided to try to do that here, as it didn't really fit in my book blog or my work-related blog.

Happy Holidays from Amanda

Happy Holidays from Amanda

We'll see what happens after that. I'll make this blog pretty later too.

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